It’s the 1920s, the heyday of the Hollywood silent-film era.
Film star Don Lockwood and leading lady Lina Lamont are a famous on-screen couple. But off-screen, Lina is just chasing after Don.
Although beautiful, Lina can’t act and is selfish to boot. She’s deluding herself about Don, and he finds her tiring. One day on his way to a party, he encounters a fledgling actress named Kathy and they fall in love.

ミュージカル SINGIN' IN THE RAIN 雨に唄えば 劇中の様子

With talking pictures about to overtake Hollywood, Don and Lina’s latest silent film is suddenly made into a talkie. But Lina’s annoying speaking voice isn’t suitable for the talkies, making the preview a complete failure.
Don and his friend Cosmo are afraid the film won’t be able to open.
Together with Kathy, they come up with the idea of making the film into a musical, but there’s still the problem of Lina’s voice….

ミュージカル SINGIN' IN THE RAIN 雨に唄えば 劇中の様子


  • Don Lockwood・・・Silent film star
  • Kathy Selden・・・Fledgling actress
  • Cosmo Brown・・・Don’s buddy
  • Lina Lamont・・・A leading silent film actress
ミュージカル SINGIN' IN THE RAIN 雨に唄えば 劇中の様子